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This site is for folk interested in the history of TN Methodism, particularly archivists and historians in the church, but all are welcome. It is not officially a part of the administration of the Conference or Methodist structure, so we can do with it as we wish. We do, do intend, however, to abide by the principles that guide the membership of te church. (Note: "tnumc" by the way, is the natural abbreviation for Tennessee United Methodist Church, the subject and target audience, and is not meant to imply offical status.)

The rules are fairly simple:
1) Remember that the site is primarily focused on Tennessee Methodist History or some aspect of historical craft or Christian thought and belief that relates in someway to that subject. (Actually that covers much territory.)
2) Opinions expressed are those of the ones who express them, not this site's or the Church’s.
3) Be civil, but we can discuss controversial issues.
4) Tailor your personal profile as you see fit.
5) Please do not use this network for personal commerce, though feel free to provide information about commercial products that relate to the subject.
6) Respect other's privacy and intellectual property rights.

Have fun. Try to do all for the glory of the One who made us.

About the Image of Serpent and Dove (Upper-Left)

The image is a picture of one from Wesley's Chapel. The theme, serpent and dove, is found in Matthew10:16-
"Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves; so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves."
The design has been attributed to John Wesley, though I know of no documentary evidence of this assertion. It has not been adopted as an official emblem of the UMC, to my knowledge.

Jim Havron


Conflicts within churches before and after the Civil War

Started by Mike Taylor Apr 25, 2010.

What would you like to do with this site?

Started by Jim Havron Sep 5, 2009.

What Would like to see in the Archives

Started by Jim Havron Sep 5, 2009.

Blog Posts

Possible increased access hours for Tennessee Conference Archives!!

The bad news is there have been staff and hour reductions at my "real" job. The Nashville Public Library Special Collections Division has had funding reduced (along with all of NPL, of course) and will close on Mondays. My hours have not been reduced, I will have to work longer days.

The good (somewhat less bad than it could be?) news is that I was not among those cut (good from my perspective, pray for the others though) and the Nashville Public Library Special Collections Division… Continue

Posted by Jim Havron on July 2, 2009 at 11:48am

New Additions to Tennessee Conference Archives

Several registers of membership for the now closed Elm Street Methodist Church in Nashville were recently returned to the Tennessee Conference and deposited in its archives. They have yet to be processed, but will be available for research soon.

In addition, the archives received digital copies of both the history of the founding of that congregation, written by one of the original members of that church, and some digital copies of photographs of Bersheba Springs Hotel and grounds… Continue

Posted by Jim Havron on July 2, 2009 at 10:30am

Cloud of Witnesses

I am glad that this was started. It is my believe that our church history from large events to the individual sharing of faith is the opportunity for growth. Let us not forget the ways we have been guided and bless by a God who loves us in ways we have yet to fully understand.

Posted by Frank S. Campbell on April 21, 2009 at 9:00am — 1 Comment

Suggestions invited

As you come to join the community here, (and I hope our numbers will grow considerably,) Please take time to introduce yourself. Add your suggestions for the network, for forums, for projects. With luck and through God's grace we may be a group of people from many backgrounds and with many points of view; some of these latter unseen by the others until expressed here. The history of the church is its witness to the present and future. It is composed of the witnesses of the entire body.

My… Continue

Posted by Jim Havron on April 19, 2009 at 10:32pm

Not-Just-a-Buzzword 2.0 (or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Web 2.0)

The following has been posted elswhere in one form or another. It is primarily for those in the archives profession but may be of interest to others. Be gentle but Honest with the comments, please.

Not-Just-a-Buzzword 2.0

(or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Web 2.0)

Twitter. Flicker. Youtube. Digg. Second Life. Avatars. Social bookmarking. Tagging. Picassa. Open-source. Boxes.com. Wikipedia. Wikis. Scype. del.icio.us. stumbleuopn. Ning. Facebook.… Continue

Posted by Jim Havron on April 11, 2009 at 12:01pm — 2 Comments



Welcome! As you sign up...

We're Back!!!!!!!

We were gone when Ning went to "for pay" rather than "for free." We are now back but as the post dates show, we have yet to wind back up. We will need participation to get this bird flying again, so join in!

Please feel free to post a blog or add a discussion. At the time I am writingt this these are located low on the left of the page, though I am investigating moving them up near the top (some things I can move, some things I can't.)
I would really like to hear what people say in response to the forum question regarding their level of comfort with the technology. This may be very new to some of us, and not so new to others.

I also would like to suggest we take some time to introduce ourselves as we come aboard, also in the forums. Of course, it is more fun to browse people's profiles and see how they customize their pages if they choose.

FYI- On thing we have noted is that if you are already a member of a ning network using the same e-mail address, this network may import some of your info into your profile. You should be able to change any of it, but if you change your password, that is associated with the e-mail address so it will change for the other Ning networks you belong to.
Jim Havron

New Social Network Experiment

Welcome to the Tenn Methodist Historian network at Ning. I have started this in an attempt to set up a forum for people interested in Methodist history, particularly as it pertains to Tennessee. I hope that archivists, historians, and those doing research will take advantage of this site to communicate, exchange ideas, and help each other with their work. It is open to all interested parties, however, not just those who have "jobs" (volunteer or otherwise) related to history.
My experience with such sites has been varied. For the time being I am serving as the sole administrator, at least until we get a number of members, so bear with me while we work things out.

Remember, it is a "social network." Although it will be used to communicate about history, archives and professional matters, it is also a place where folks can get to know each other better. Please take advantage of that aspect and let our common interest in history draw us closer together in Christ.

Tennessee Conference, Nashville, TN


This area will contain images or links to images that are related in some way to Tennessee Methodist History. If you wish to add a link or image, e-mail Jim Havron

History Montage

Photos From Us All

The images below are images added from members' own profile pages. They only include those that were designated by the members to be shown publicly. Should you choose to upload pictures to your page and share them only with your invited friends, you may do so. Photos appear in the slide show below.

Another way to share phootos is to upload them to Flickr or a similar on-line site and then provide a link through your profile or asking Jim Havron to post a link.





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